Franconia Dems leadership team for 2024–2025

Chair Debbie Linick
Vice chair Rob Virden

Membership & Outreach vice chair Liz Murphy
with Pat Bittner, Karen Freeman, Terri Henry, Tiffany Pryce

  • Oversee outreach to new volunteers & members
  • Support the Fundraising Committee with outreach in advance of Opening Day
  • Incubate new initiatives
    • New Voter Welcome outreach — Dylan Adler & Rick Connelly 
    • Voter Registration initiative — Dee Belle-Isle
    • New Americans Committee — Hebret Berhe

Communications vice chair Mary Anne Mulligan

  • Monthly / as-needed newsletters
  • Website

Data Analysis & Technology vice chair Todd Smyth
with Tim Heintz, Jim Kobelius, Rob Virden

  • Develop best practices for database maintenance and growth
  • Other initiatives to be developed

Events Planning vice chair Latriece Prince-Wheeler

  • Organize quarterly happy hours
  • Assist Fundraising Committee with attendance drive for Opening Day
  • Assist chair with 1–2 annual precinct captain gatherings
  • Summer crafts event — pins, postcards, T-shirts and swag 
  • Assist leadership with post-election party
  • Stay tuned for other events! 

Community Events & Sponsorship vice chair Mark Heinitz

  • Franconia Spring, Summer & Fall Festival planning & staffing
  • Exploring sponsorships

Fundraising vice chair Diane Williams

  • Lead Opening Day event planning with support from events & membership teams
  • Develop annual mail solicitation

Precinct Operations vice chairs & Election Day team Kathy Rhem  & Ed Joseph

  • Back To School Night team: Markie Harwood, Tim Heinz, Liz Murphy, Pat Bittner 
  • Early Voting team: TBA 

Secretary Rick Connelly