District of the Year 2023 & 2024

Franconia Dems leadership team for 2024–2025

Chair Debbie Linick


Vice Chair / Treasurer Rob Virden

Secretary Rick Connelly

Committee Vice Chairs / Leads

  • Back To School Night Lead Tim Heintz 
  • Community Events & Sponsorship Vice Chair Mark Heinitz
  • Communications Vice Chair Mary Anne Mulligan
    • Social Media Lead Lindsey Martin
  • Data Analysis & Technology Vice Chair Todd Smyth
  • Fundraising Vice Chair Diane Williams
  • Membership & Outreach Vice Chair Liz Murphy
  • Precinct Operations Vice Chairs for Election Day / Early Voting Kathy Rhem  & Ed Joseph
    • Precinct Operations Support Rick Connelly 

Other Initiatives

Franconia Voter Registration Outreach Dee Belle-Isle & James Lee

New Americans Outreach Marta Calderon & Leonel Rojas

Franconia Dems is also supported by a dedicated team of precinct captains, liaisons and other leaders.  Contact us if you would like to get involved!